Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my hobby

1. I am a kind of person who likes stay in a cafe to think
and organize my plans.

2. Chatting with my frinds gives me a lot of enjoyment
and makes me relaxed.

3. I love to decorate my room and make something to
present to my friends.

4. Usually, I read fashion magazines with fresh juice
when i want to be relaxed.

5. I think i can't survive without computer anymore!
Especially , I love to chat with my friends who are in Korea
after I came here.

6. I feel bored and nervous when I don't have nothing to
read or watch. So, I am always 0reading something or
watching movies.

7. But, going to a theater is the best way to relax for me.
I love to focus on a big screen and enjoy interesting stories.

8. Also, I like pictures. I like taking a picture and watching pictures.
I think pictures make me more happier time goes by.

9. Actually, I hated cooking when I was with my family.
But, I need to cook here to survive -
and now i am enjoying cooking time a lot surprisingly!!!

10. One of enjoyments that I found in Vancouver is sun-bath.
It's really not common

in Korea to enjoy sun-bath in a park or beach. I am thinking
I need to enjoy this as much as I can as far as
I am staying here. :-D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Million Dollar Baby

My housemate is a movie holic girl who is working as an editor,

and she sometimes asks me to watch DVD together. 'Million Dollar Baby'

was the movie chosen this time.

Maggie Fitzgerald, the main character of this movie,

is a 31-year-old poor waitress who dreams of being

a successful boxer. Unfortunatly, statistics are not on her side.

Obviously, she is minority of society.

She wasn't accepted by her family (specially her selfish mother)

her coach in the first pace and society.

The reason why she is struggling to survive in that society is

that she is a poor woman who is 'not young anymore'.

She kept asking Frank Dunn who is a boxing trainer to teach

how to start boxing. Frank had refused her because of the reason that he

didn't want to train 'girls' for 6 months. However she didn't give up doing

part time job and traing together. She bought a boxing bag by many coins

eventhought she had to eat left-over food.

Finally, she moved Frank, and he decided to train her.


These two people have a common which means

'We are refused, and we are minority'.

Maggie doesn't have any family in the real meaning.

She was refused to get a quality of life, family and coach.

Frank was refused to contract his daughter, and his fighter

left him to get more money.

These two people who met. Their friendship is stronger that any

blood-bond relationship noy only their family relationship,

but also in this world.

They make people think that the real meaning of family.

(I am going to mention the ending of this movie, so if you don't want to see,

you'd better skip this part.)

This movie is not a hero movie. It doesn't give you any hope like

'I can be a super star'.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Be simple

I am not confident to describe myself, because even I don't know
myself sometimes.

Also I can find the gap between my idea about myself and others'.
Yes, This is me. I am the type of person who needs time to think
everything deeply. (or you can say 'too much', also.)

I am a Korean girl who like to travel, and this is the longest trip
in my life. I am the type of person who has an itch foot, that's why
I am always planning to trip. Hopefully, My parents who are in Korea
are supporting me to experience as much as I can.

I like people who are doing what they really want.
I like the hipie-hipie atmosphere of commercial drive which is near
my house. I am a type of person who can be easily happy with warm
weather and good friends.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Watch out, Korean guys.

This is a quite famous story among Korean students who are studying

in Vancouver. According to many Korean male students, there is an

apartment which is unbelievably cheap in downtown. I asked them

about quality of the apartment, but they said it is an average compare

to the others, and there is nothing strange seemingly. When I heard this

story, I thought this apartment must have had some problem, and

that's why it's inexpensive - as supposed, there was a suicidal act a

few years ago, and strange things kept happening after that.

According this widespread rumor, one Korean boy and one Japanese

girl who were international students had lived together for a while,

but the girl found she was pregnant a few months later.

She let him know this truth, but this unmanly boy didn't take any

resoponsibility, and he went back to Korea without any notice.

She might have been very desperated, so she commited a suicide

in the end. After this tragedy, the lord of this apartment couldn't get

a tenent anymore, because of many Korean guys who insisted that

they saw the ghost in that apartment. They said they saw a ghost

who was a Japanese girl, and she seemed like to be pregnant.

The weird thing is this ghost appears in front of Korean guys only, and

girls or Japanese guys didn't see anything like a ghost.

It could have been the real ghost who was looking for an irresponsible

father of her baby, or it might have been an illusion.

Also it might be a ridiculous rumor to make fun of Korean guys.

I was quite scared because of this spooky story. However my friends were

like, "Why don't you try living there? Maybe you can practice English

and Japanese with her."

I would refuse politely!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to survive in Vancouver

hi, this is Hyo JIn(Heather) from Korea.

as you know, i could come to this lovely school about a week ago,

so i am still a little bit 'shy' now -

but i found everybody in this class is very nice :)

i have been in Canada for 4 months, i think you should enjoy

every monent by doing something special like traveling, meeting many

kinds of friends ... etc.

you'd better enjoy this multi-cultural city as much as you can,

but also you must be careful in some points!

In my case, I have got lost once in E.Vancouver, and it was quit

horrible experience. This city seems like the safest city in the world, but

it is always the same to be dangerous for new comers

in a foreign country...

- continue